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Here is a list of Italian Newspapers:

Italy's premiere wire service, feeding breaking news and features to publications all over Italy.

Adn Kronos
Premiere wire service for Italy.

One of the oldest newspapers in the area of the three Venices in northeastern Italy, the first issue was published October 12, 1866 just before Italian troops entered Verona, chasing out the Austrians. (It's easy to forget that once part of northern Italy belonged to Austria.) The paper was named after the famous Roman area in Verona and published by the owners of a local printing press.

The newspaper was born from a fusion between two Catholic dailies, "L'Italia" from Milan and "L'Avvenire d'Italia" in Bologna. In 1989 a group of bishops and Catholic industrialists joined to create a dialog between the ecclesiastical and business worlds.

Corriere della Sera
Italians like to compare Corriere della Sera to the New York Times, considering it the most "national" and prestigious newspaper in Italy. Corriere is also controlled by the Agnelli (Fiat) family.

Giornale di Sicilia
Giornale di Sicilia has the largest circulation of any paper in Sicily and in published in seven editions with a lot of attention to local news.
It was founded in June of 1870.

Il Mattino
The most important newspaper of Naples. It belongs to the Caltagirones, who also own Rome's popular daily Il Messagero.

Il Messaggero
Il Messagero is the most popular daily newspaper in Rome.

Il Tempo
A daily traditionally conservative newspaper published in Rome.

La Nuova Sardegna
Published in Sardinia.

La Padania

La Repubblica
La Repubblica is one of Italy's two national daily newspapers.

L'Osservatore Romano
The official daily newspaper published by the Vatican.

Organ of the Italian communist party has ceased to publish on paper but can be found online.